Teeth Straightening

Cosmetic braces are rapidly becoming one of the UK’s most requested cosmetic dental procedure.

A recent American journal showed that people with straight teeth were rated more popular, intelligent and with better leadership qualities, than those with a crooked smile.

People judge you by your smile. An open and wide smile showing straight teeth demonstrates you are probably flexible, sociable and confident. Straight teeth will improve one’s self confidence and self esteem making them look younger and feel better.

Now, teeth straightening is not just something for teenagers. Adults can benefit from cosmetic tooth alignment using clear braces and white braces in remarkably short periods of time.

At The Newmarket Road Dental Clinic, we offer the world’s most modern cosmetic teeth straightening in Norwich and Norfolk.

It is now possible to treat:

– crooked / overlapping teeth

– spaced teeth

– rotated teeth

– large overbites

– protruding teeth

– prominent canines

– relapsed teeth following previous orthodontics