Stain Removal

What is Airflow Polishing?

Airflow tooth polishing is a new innovative oral cleansing therapy that successfully tackles the persistent stains caused by food, drink and smoking. It will leave the mouth feeling smooth, clean and polished, and leave patients ready to smile with confidence.

What does it involve?

Airflow combines the strength of 3 vital things– air, sodium bicarbonate and a gentle jet stream of water. The process is completely painless and is kinder to the tooth surface than conventional, ‘gritty’ paste preparations, which are abrasive. Patients immediately see and feel the difference.

How long does it take?

This depends on many factors; Airflow delivers a fresh, clean, smile in just a matter of minutes.

How long will the results last?

The results will last considerably longer than conventional powder preparations but will of course be dependant on dietary and lifestyle factors.

How much does it cost?

Its Free of Charge! At The Newmarket Road Dental Clinic each patient who has a scale & polish is upgraded to the new, revolutionary ‘Airflow’ polishing system, at no extra cost.

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